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Naxos Island the largest and most fertile island in Cyclades and one of the most attractive and beautiful in Greece. It combines golden sands with the mountain beauty. Naxos Island has long history which includes the Hellenistic period, Archaic period, Venetian occupation, Byzantine period. Ancient temples, Frank castles, Venetian castles, palaces, archaeological museums, folklore museums marked with the stamp of past glories.

Saint George (Agios Georgios)

Saint George (Agios Georgios) is Naxos Town beach. Sandy and very long (1 km) is the first choice for swimming and spend a day on it. It offers all kind of entertainment such as beach restaurants, beach bars and clubs, water sport facilities.

Naxos Town or Hora

Naxos Town or Hora is the islands port and capital. It is a lively town, of Cycladic architecture with a maze of narrow streets and tiny passages and makes an excellent resort. Behind the waterfront an extensive, almost Medieval Old Quarter stretches up the hillside where Kastro (Castle) is. Walking around and in the Castle is a must while the views are exceptional.